Geometry, Trigonometry, & Pre-Calculus Topics Clarified

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From Scary to Grateful


scary-mask-with-glassesHalloween was a time of being scared for fun and intentionally.

Math does not need to be a time of being scared or overwhelmed or confused.


Math anxiety can be triggered by:
Signed numbers
Trigonometric functions
Loooong solutions
Application or word problems
Tests or quizzes


Math confidence can be created by:
Identifying and clarifying misunderstandings
Learning in a way that makes sense to you
Practice with assistance
Practice on own





Become thankful that you can use math confidently!


  • Share what causes you math anxiety.
  • What do you want to be grateful about mathematically?

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Summer Online Math Courses

School’s out for summer! Cue the song…

Weeell, not for everyone. Summer online courses are a great way to catch up, get ahead, or just normal for many.

They can also be frustrating when you don’t have clear explanations or content that actually prepares you for the next course.

The reason for difficulty learning from an online math course can be as unique as the student.

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